About The Course

Ready to let your art WORK for you?

From struggling artist 👉 to wealthy artist. Healing your relationship with money and leveraging universal law of attraction to profit off your artwork! This is how I built a multi-year 6 figure business (AND growing) by simply changing my beliefs!
About The Course

This Cohort will consist of like-minded creatives who are ready do what it takes to become financially free and successful from their creativity. It starts with a willingness to try something new, and change your beliefs in order to accomplish what you may have considered impossible.

  • 8 week long program with weekly classes held on ZOOM at the same recurring time & day. Each class is based on a new lesson/ theme and opportunity for group coaching.

  • There will be homework, and resources available each week to fully capitalize on your investment. Access to a discussion group where members & I can support each other with our experiences. My promise is that all questions are answered DAILY.

  • there will be an opportunity to book a 30 min. 1:1 with me during the 8 week period.

What can you expect?

8 weeks filled with content to support you on your creative-preneur journey.

  • 1:1 coaching, group calls, Live lessons, and a powerful facebook group/community to support each other on our path

  • Quizzes, surveys, forms, worksheets, meditations, journal prompts and helpful resources to grasp each lesson fully.

  • A deep dive into changing internal beliefs using universal law of attraction and strategic and actionable "how-to" tactics to use right away

Your Investment

Pay in full up front or choose a payment plan.

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